Gold Membership

What is it?

Our membership allows you to download all of our past, current and future original pieces, editions, arrangements and collections with just $29/Year. (Membership excludes paperbacks). We add new material on the 15th of every month: 


 Your benefits:   

You make huge savings compared to buying each product separately. 

✓ You can download at will all newly added music & material. 

Your music and licenses stay in your account to use even when you stop renewing your membership.

✓ Amount of money saved only increases by time. 

✓ You receive both Single & Studio licenses on your products.

✓ Receive a minimum of 12 new works per year.

✓ All music is originally engraved in-house & cannot be found as part of other publications

✓ Add piano listings for free  

 Cancel at any time with a simple click. Full 30 day refund available, subject to our Terms of Service. 


How It Works?
After registration, you will find a new menu item at the top menu bar, named ‘My Coupon’.

Open the My Coupon page and apply the coupon code shown to the Cart page every time you want to download a new piece/product. The coupon code will allow you to get your item(s) for free. You can apply the coupon to many products at once or to any individual products separately. Your download will start immediately after you press ‘Place my order’.

This coupon will be valid for the duration of your membership and will grant you free access to all available music.

Are My Payment Details Safe & Secure?
Yes. Your bank account details are safe and secure since you pay directly with PayPal, one of the world’s safest online payment systems. We do not keep any account details in our servers.
Can I Cancel My Membership?
YES! You can cancel at any time -No questions asked.

If you cancel your membership you will still have access to all our current and future items for the duration of your initial membership. However, you won’t be charged again when your membership is due to renew. Your access to our products will be limited to one (1) year only. For receiving a full refund please read the next question below.

Can I Ask for a Full Refund?
Yes! At Piano Practising we try to be as transparent as possible with our future purchasers and at the same time honour our existing customers.

All our items in the Gold Membership fall into the Copyable Goods category. We offer a 30 day refund guarantee. You can only be refunded if you have not downloaded any of our music. Please read our terms of service carefully.

Thus, if you have not downloaded any of our items you can ask for a refund and we will fully refund you, with NO questions asked.

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