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Do you own a piano studio? Did you just release a new book, method or other music product? We will place an Ad for you at the top of every article in our website to advertise your products.

For Almost a decade Piano Practising has been one of the well-regarded websites in the piano world. Thousands of readers read Piano Practising every year and thus, your Ad will be seen by all of our readers; your Ad will be placed at the top of every single of our articles, so a reader will scroll past it every time they read one of our articles. We currently have over 80 articles on Piano Practising, some of them occupying the top result on Google’s search results. Here’s some articles that are currently at the top of Google’s search results: How to pass the piano audition, Can I become a famous pianist, How to Afford a Piano.

Please, bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will sell your product. Every product has its own dynamics and potential, and we cannot guarantee that your product will be perceived as valuable by our readers. Thus, after 24hrs have past we will not issue refunds. However, we guarantee that your Ad will be presented to all of our readers in the course of a year. One (1) special mention of your product will be made in our monthly newsletter, as well.

Your Ad will appear at the top of every post on its own.

Allowed Ads:

  • Ads for music/piano books and methods
  • Ads for music/piano studios
  • Ads for music apps
  • Ads for music venues
  • Ads for concerts
  • Ads for job openings in music

Non-allowed ads:

  • Ads for non-music related items/products

Please, do contact us if you wish before buying an Ad package to determine whether your product fits in the context of this website. We reserve the right to reject Ads at our discretion–You will be promptly refunded.

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Single month Ad: $9.99 / €9.99/ £9.99.

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Your product will appear at the top of every post on its own.


  1. A4 file of your product image and the text (copy) describing your product (studio, book, etc.).
  2. URL of where your product can be found online (Website URL, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc.)

Your ad will appear on the same day of receiving your files/copy. 


Additional information

Ad duration:

One Month (30 days), One Year (365 days)


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