Notating, copying, re-writing, preparing for publication – reasonable pricing



• Engraving from Handwriting
• Transcribing & Engraving from your recording (Live/CD/SoundCloud etc.)
• Transcribing & Engraving from your video (Mp4, MOV, YouTube, etc.)
• Improving and re-engraving already engraved music/hand-written music
• Creating professional quality digital scores, or Books, ready for print or digital distribution to music stores
• Creating Front & Back Matter if requested (Cover Page, Half Page, Dedication Page, Contents Page, etc.)
• If desired, mentioning of your score/shop page/website on the FaceBook page of PianoPractising.com & Piano Practising montly Newsletter

How it Works:

Your steps:

Please, write in the contact form below your project’s requirements. We will email you with our quote within 12 hours.

Describe in your own words what needs to be accomplished. For example: “Arrangement for two instruments”. “Handwriting to digital”.

How many pages your project roughly is, or if you would require a cover page, a dedication page, etc.

We will ONLY transcribe, notate and engrave music that you are the copyright holder.

All music in this website is engraved using the professional music notation system Dorico. Dorico produces music of the highest quality used in major concert halls, recording studios, and educational establishments the world over. If you require more samples, do contact as. Find a few samples at the top of page.



Delivery depends on a project-by-project basis, since every project has its own particularities. Each project demands unique treatment and therefore the time it will take to be completed and delivered will vary from project to project.

As a rough guide, expect a five page intermediate piano score (c. 64 bars) turnaround within 7 days. That excludes  front and back matter. You will receive your project to use for any part of publication (commercial, private). You will receive your projects final files clearly labelled by email or by any other service you specify.

 We will agree on the exact delivery date of your project before you have made payment. 


You will receive of up to ten (10) revisions on your project.

After ten revisions and if your project does not meet your standards (very unlikely) we will charge $25 per revision.

Pricing & Payment

Every project almost always varies considerably from the next. Thus, we cannot make an estimation of a possible price for your project in this page. 

As a rough guide expect a 32-bar advanced piano project to cost $80. That is $2.5 per bar. Our prices include: 10 revisions, PDF standard format of your music, PNG, SVG & TIFF files, project resolutions from 300 dpi (standard) up to 1200 if requested, MusicXML, MIDI and Audio (Mp3 or Wav) files. 

 If we agree on the fee then, we will then email you our invoice. You will pay through PayPal. We start work right after payment has been received. 


Since music engraving service falls under the Copyable Goods category described in our ToS, we regret to state that we do not offer refunds on your project once any part of your project has been emailed to you.

We will email you the first few bars of you project to discuss its progress and to make sure it meets your criteria. 

However, you can ask for a full refund within 24 hours of purchasing your service.


Your Project's Requirements: