Friedrich Kuhlau Complete Sonatinas Opus 55

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Kuhlau five Sonatinas from the Op. 55, gloriously engraved. No stone left unturned in my quest to engrave those masterpieces to today’s musical conventions. Enjoy this glorious Bundle at a most attractive price.


A most luxurious edition of the complete sonatinas op.55 by Friedrich Kuhlau. 

Press ready & to read on any digital PDF reader.

Additional information

Includes the Complete Sonatinas:

Fr. Kuhlau, Sonatina No. 1, Op.55
Fr. Kuhlau, Sonatina No. 2, Op.55
Fr. Kuhlau, Sonatina No. 3, Op.55
Fr. Kuhlau, Sonatina No. 4, Op.55


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