Scenes from a Child’s Mind


ISMN: 979-0-9016128-0-8

Professionally printed sheet music.


10 pieces for solo piano that cover all the main piano techniques and dynamics.
Pages: 40
Cover: Colored. Glossy

Delivering Worldwide.



A fantastic collection of 10 fun-to-play original piano pieces, that will reinvigorate your students’ commitment to the piano. They include:1. The Clumsy Ballet Dancer
2. Turtle’s Gallop
3. White Woollen Ball
4. Leafs Tango in the Wind
5. First Steps
6. March of the Fire Ants
7. Raindrops on a Frozen Window
8. Grandma’s Rug
9. Little Knight’s Horse
10. Organ Grinder’s Lullaby
As students play these compositions; they will be able to picture the clumsy ballet dancer’s struggle, hear the Organ Grinder grind out his lullaby, and feel the agitation of the little knight’s horse. These delightful melodies will encourage longer practice times, help build a sense of achievement, and result in an increase in musical drive.
Each of these compositions feels entirely pianistic and natural in their hand positions and overall performance. They are geared toward intermediate or advanced level students and can be performed both as standalone and as a recital set. Total playing time is approximately 21 minutes.
Help your young pianist get ahead this Fall by acquiring this beautiful collection before the summer holidays begin!


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