Sonatinyna | Three-part Sonatina

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Nail-biting action in this Sonatina for the adventurous pianist. Not too tonal, not too atonal. Just enough frictional noise to keep your tonal friends at bay. You’re not going to make too many friends in the neighborhood, however those cringeworthy, save fabulously rhythmical passages, will improve amongst others: 

•Strengthening the grip of non-typical four-note chords

•Improving command of detached notes.

•Hugely contrasting second movement improves commanding of longer phrases

•Learning how to perform recitative-like passages

•Improving inner tempo with multirests 


  1. PDF
  2. Three movements
  3. Level: Mid-Intermediate
  4. Duration: c. 4’55”
  5. Free future revisions + errata sheets: Included (if any)



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Educational Aspects:

  • Dotted rhythms on the right hand
  • Left Hand stays in the same position
  • Scarce fingerings to promote note-learning
  • One gradual tempo change: Rit.
  • Two Dynamic levels: Mf and F

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Educational Aspects:

  • Strengthening the grip of non-typical four note chords
  • Improving command of detached notes.
  • Hugely contrasting second movement requires smoother sound
  • Learning how to perform recitative-like passages
  • improving inner rhythm with bars that have no content in them (Movements 1 & 3)
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