Indeed, piano be a tremendous force in making the earth a safer place. From the youngsters to the elderly piano can unite all and bring happiness and bliss to this world. And by pressing its breathtaking keys we can all raise the flag of love and compassion amongst our fellow men.

I’m only kidding of course. Piano itself cannot improve the world, regrettably. Well, I am a pianist and a teacher, what did you expected me to write. I had to be a little melodramatic. Piano itself can’t do the job. Except of course if a soldier got distracted from a bad performance of a Chopin waltz and missed his target. Then yes you can say piano can make a difference.

Here’s why your playing the piano cannot directly make this world better:

  • By playing the “Appassionata” you won’t feed the starving children in many parts of the world.
  • You cannot find the cure for cancer by going to piano masterclasses.
  • You won’t fight illiteracy by spending three months learning Liszt’s “Feux Follets”.
  • No, you won’t stop domestic violence by learning “Heal the world” by Michael Jackson.

Now, here’s a few ways that a piano itself can directly make this world better.

  • It can provide heat by burning in a bonfire.
  • Sitting on top of it to avoid being drenched by a flood.
  • Throwing it from the sky to the head of a dictator.
  • Using its strings as a barbeque grill on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Converting  it into a table for social gatherings.
  • Using its soundboard as a hiding place when playing hide and seek.
  • For young couples to lay down on its lid and romantically admire the stars.(don’t forget the candles).

Here’s how by actually playing the piano you can directly make the world better. You can:

  • By making more noise in order to cover the voice of a bad singer.
  • By accompanying a fast piece slowly in order to annoy a pompous violinist.
  • By playing slow and sleepy music when your children want to go to bed.
  • By playing badly so your fellow classmates can feel that they are better pianists than you.
  • By playing extremely loudly in a battlefield so that you distract soldiers from fighting each other.

However, fun aside, here’s how piano can indirectly help this world:

  • It can inspire.

And perhaps inspiration is the only thing we need in really changing this world. Because piano and its music can make a man or a woman appreciate the beauty of life. It can make an evil person reconsider their actions. It can make a sad person find meaning in life. It can bring a smile to a child’s face. It can feed the poor, find cure for diseases, take us to the starts. It can do everything if it inspire us.

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So, let’s get inspired and start practising. Because, even if you don’t know it, you are making this world better.

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