Winter Preludes

An album by Prof. Lacasse

Winter Preludes features three accessible and touching pieces for piano. 

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A pianist is any mammal that can play the piano. “Really? Only that?” I hear you say. Yes, it’s that simple. Sorry to all big-headed “virtuosos”. Whether you play three blind mice with your right hand only or Lutoslawski’s piano concerto at Carnegie Hall you are too just a pianist. A pianist’s purpose is to make music with this polyphonic instrument and to give pleasure to himself/herself and to the others.

Every pianist, of course, has started playing the piano for a special reason. Maybe some of you started because you attended a concert that had piano playing in it and you got inspired. Others may have been encouraged by your parents that starting an instrument could be a good idea. Perhaps other people just wanted to decorate their living room with a piano and in the process they started to learn the instrument as well.

Yet, regardless of what type of pianist you claim you are, the rules of practicing described in this website are universal and apply to all types of pianists.