So, you want to become pianist. But maybe not just an ordinary pianist. You want to become a pianist that people will regard highly and fall for your musicality, for your effortless technique and for the Goosebumps they get when they listen to your playing! You dream of filling the concert hall with your arresting sound and you wish you could feel thrilled and exhilarated with your own perfromance while on stage!

But a famous question was always there to haunt us all. “How to do it”? Well, as cliché as it might sound, I would presume that you have also heard another famous question: “How do you get to Carnegie hall”?   The character asked.   The answer was of course “practice, practice, practice!”. Well, that’s the answer for you too and that is precisely all you have to do in order to become a great pianist. Just practice and all your “pianistic” dreams will become reality. End of guide!

However I can still hear you ask, “is it that simple?” ” How to do it?”. “How to practice properly…?” Those words were always reverberated happily between your ears. So, we have to ask ourselves if we really understand what practising is? What is the very definition of piano-practising? The answer is, surprisingly, rather straightforward. Here it is: Practising is all the things you have done to prepare yourself prior to (or for) the live performance or recording. Because practising is not only when we are sitting at the piano pressing the keys; Practising is also all the things we have done prior to that and after. I will explain later.

However, is practising really that straightforward though? Between the letters of the word “practice” there were so many paths left untrodden, undiscovered or even unforseen by most pianists claiming to have done just that: practice. Since,  between a student of the piano and a virtuoso of the piano, there was always a mysterious spirit that looked upon them with great anticipation: This spirit was the piano-practising Master! The virtuoso pianist not only was a master of his art (playing the piano), but also a master in practising the piano. For the latter, an audience couldn’t care less! For the former, is what being a pianist is all about. As a result, the need to understand HOW to practice was always unprecedented.

Therefore, this website is about making you think like, act like and be the piano-practising Master. Finally it will enable you act and be the virtuoso pianist by indulging you to the piano “etiquette”.

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