Did you know that In order to practice the piano, you would need a violin? I’m only kidding! You would need a piano of course. A real piano I am afraid. Not a “fake” one.

However many people feel quite frustrated when the answer is so obvious. They would come and ask my advice about what sort of piano to buy when their daughter, son or themselves want to start the piano but they cannot afford a “real” one. I answer hesitantly that, yes, we could buy a digital piano to start with, and if we see that we are doing better, then we can move on to an actual piano. However, if one of your goals in life is not to play a “fake” version of the soundtrack of a blockbuster film, then, there must be no compromises; no mercy on your bank account. We need to really dig deep and save the money for that grand piano! Oh ok, it can be an upright to start with. But that is really a minimum requirement, since even an upright piano does not have, for my taste, the “proper” mechanics.    So that’s the first step. Simply get a piano.

The reason why you need to buy a “real” piano is that it offers the actual pianistic feel that will drive you to properly perform your pieces. By learning with a grand piano for instance, you get to be closer to the proper pianistic experience. And you would need this experience if you want to express yourself through this amazing instrument.

Now, after we chose the piano we need to buy its little friend, too; the piano-stool. Yes, the stool can be the piano’s greatest friend or its most fierce enemy. It is the womb that will hold you on your way to the audience. It will, hopefully, hold your body in the right position for you to create music. Thus, in order to accommodate your body correctly it has to be the right height.   This will optimize the naturalness of your contact with the piano. The correct height of the stool has to be discussed with your instructor. However, preferably chose a stool with adjustable height position.

Don’t forget to buy mothballs too if you buy a new piano. Mothballs will prevent moths from eradicating the hammers’ felt inside the piano.

So, that’s all to start.

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