In a previous article, I was discussing what could possibly be piano’s most important feature. What feature could be the key to making us better pianists, when buying a new piano. I came to some conclusions, leaning towards that the piano’s key-action could be a decisive factor in making us better pianists.

Searching deeper, I discovered what is piano’s second most important feature.  What I found will send shivers down your spine. This feature might as well be the piano’s most important.

The second most important feature of a piano, the feature that will indeed make us better pianists is the …piano stool.

Yes, you need to employ the piano stool as often as possible to improve your piano playing; just sit and practise, my dearest friends.

Talk about key-action, overtones, aftertouch nuances and all that nonsense… Those qualities are not going to help you at all, if you can’t be bothered to practise, I’m afraid.

So what if your piano projects its sound wonderfully, if instead of playing it, you stroll the local park with a latte in your hand, talking philosophy?

What does it matter if your piano comes from a great Viennese factory, if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop browsing the internet?

What difference would that make if you bought a bargain great piano in last week’s auction, if you spend years boasting about its provenance rather than playing it?


Great pianism= employment of piano stool.

All best to your pianistic endeavours.

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