Essentially, the place of practising should be the most sacred place of all for you. Remember! You wanted to become a pianist, so in order to come closer to this notion you need the best possible place to work on.  

Like with most things we do in life, whether we are gardening, sleeping, participating in sports etc. we need perceiving them in their natural environment for them to thrive. Thus, the same applies when practising the piano.

Start by placing your piano in a quiet place, as far as possible from external noises such as people talking or watching TV, cars passing by etc. Also make sure that your piano is positioned somewhere with no abrupt changes in temperature or in humidity; for example, away from heaters or walls that lead outside the house etc.

A very important rule is that you need to educate people according to your pianistic needs. As with Pavlov’s classical conditioning, instruct people near the place of practising that they shouldn’t interrupt you while you are practising. Try to be firm with this choice of yours, so every time a person tries to interrupt your playing, simply refuse to answer to them or accommodate any of their requests. This way they will gradually learn not to disturb you and they will probably also start being less noisy and interfering when hearing you playing the piano.

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