For pianists of all levels

  • Are you In need of a fresh set of ears to thoroughly review your piano playing?
  • Would you like to improve your audition chances?
  • Are you in need of professional advice on which should be your next pianistic steps?

Whatever your music needs are, this service is for all! From amateur to conservatoire level pianists and beyond. I have been giving advice to pianists of all walks of life through this website for more than eight years. Some of them went on to achieve great things with their piano.

What will you get?

You will receive a critique, covering the following aspects:

Stating your individual technical strengths and exploiting them in order to further enhance your piece

How to stop revealing your technical weaknesses

The steps you need to follow to improve your general technique

Specific suggestions on critical bars to improve your piece

Elicitation from your playing of possible other technical and incidental facts that hinder you from excelling

Suggested Future Repertoire


€50  ($50 /£50)

Send an up to five min Recording




Send an up to 10 min Recording


10% Discount on your next critique
Physical Copy: Scenes From A Child’s Mind delivered to your door (27,95 if bought separately)
Send an up to 20 min Recording

20% Discount on your next Critique

COMPLETE BUNDLE: All of our works: Professionally printed copy of Scenes From A Child’s Mind delivered to your door (27,95 if bought separately) + ALL our digital works (in PDF form)
FREE:  One (1) monthly practising-plan on your performed piece(s), based on my method of optimal time dedication


Please, read our Refunds & Returns Policy

FAQs and questions about our Piano Consultation Packages

  1. You first need to select an appropriate package for your needs, from above
  2. Send us your performance (YouTube link, SoundCloud link, DropBox link, etc.)
  3. We will notify you by email that we have received your link/download.
  4. You will receive your critique within seven days for Bronze Package, ten days for Gold Package and 14 days for the Ultimate Package.

Attention: The days counting for the e-mailling of your Critique to you, start with the receipt of your link by us- It does not start with the receipt of your payment. 

You will receive your critique in PDF format within seven (7) days from the receipt of the link of your performance. We will send your critique on the Email that you have provided when you made your purchase.

Depending on your chosen package, you will receive the One (1) monthly practising-plan by Email, and the copy of Scenes From A Child’s Mind on the physical address that you have provided when you made your purchase.

No, our packages do not require a recurring payment. All our packages require a one-time payment.
As soon as you choose your desired package, you will then be directed to make a payment with Paypal. Your payment will be instantaneous.
We only accept Paypal payments or Direct Bank Transfer. (Your payments details are not stored with us).
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Tenuto, Tenēre, Tenure

One of the most misunderstood articulations in the arena of piano techniques, tenuto, traditionally suffers from lack of identity. “What am I? Who am I? What is my purpose in this life” asks tenuto, and often there are vague answers and contextual definitions that are...

What an Audience Wants

When audiences come to us —that is to say attend our performances— they come for a reason. They seek, and they demand. And rightfully so, of course, because let’s not forget that they have already honoured us first and offered us one of their most precious properties;...

What Doesn’t Interest An Audience

We, the performers, often take for granted that people come to our performances to simply listen to us playing the piano.  We might assume that audiences simply come to us, for us. And so, since they come to us, instead of the other way around, they must...

The Rule of Five

Terry hung up the phone. He’s had enough. He was disgusted, alienated, but most of all, scared. The events manager at the Palm Springs Hotel and Resort had just, less than a minute ago, urged him to, lo-and-behold, learn the Overture from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro....

Scholarly Versus Voguish Phrasing

Initial Thoughts As with our verbal communication, musical communication demands appropriate phrasing to show with clarity what we are trying to convey. Since the day we are born we try to perfect the “art” of communication, both consciously and subconsciously. Humans...

Bullying in Music

Disclaimer: if you are a sensitive individual, if sometimes you take what you read personally, if you ocassionaly become ever so slightly uptight about things you read, then please DO NOT read the following article. This article contains exaggerated opinions and...

The Que Será, Será Syndrome

“If you always give, you will always have.” Chinese Proverb   A few years back my friend AJ experienced an incident so peculiar, that made me think deeply about the things that affect my priorities as a musician, and the space those things should occupy (if any),...

Notes From The Lost Diary Of A Piano Teacher

Disclaimer: if you are a sensitive individual, if sometimes you take what you read personally, if you occasionally are ever so slightly uptight about what you read, then please DO NOT read this article. This article contains exaggerated opinions and harsh,...

The Forbidden Question

“Alarmbells are ringing uncontrollably” driiiiiiin!!!! Drooooooonnnnn!!! Draaaaanggggg!!! “Ambulance sirens are tearing the skies in a maniacal fashion!!!” Piiiiiuuuuuuu!!! Piuuuuuuuu!!!!! “People are running away like mad, from their seats in the cafeterias, having...

The Brain Virtuoso

Claude hang up the phone. His vain request to be accepted as a student at the Jopper Music College, went astray once again.  “They're right”, he mumbled.  “I'm fifty-eight years old! What do I expect? To play at Carnegie hall with the New York philharmonic?” His face...

Perceiving The Sustain Pedal

—“Oh, I used one-quarter pedalling, in the finale of the Pathetique.”  —“Why not use three-quarters depressed pedal in that passage?” — “I did very well with this Mozart sonata. One-quarter depressed pedal did the trick.” Me: 🤨 -------------------------------------...

What Exists Between Two Music Phrases

Some Initial Thoughts Arguably, every music piece consists of phrases. We’ve all heard of how to do phrases, and how to shape a piece of music. Our teachers continuously talked about phrases and phrasing and they kept showing us on the piano that this phrase should be...

Approaching Fingerings

Two questions to choosing the correct finger: Often, during a lesson, I receive the familiar question (familiar, I would presume to all of you fellow teachers): “Sir, what finger should I use to play this note?” This question quickly resolves to me showing the...

The Piano Prison

...Or, the Dark Side of Encouragement and Motivation in Music I prefer to drink a pint of salted lemon juice, sprinkled with red pepper shavings, paprika, ample tabasco, a dessert spoon of dried garlic, and two spoons of cod liver oil, than hear the...

Piano Procrastination

[Attention: Strong sense of humor required, before commencing reading this article] From the beginning of… umm… piano-time, procrastination was common in a pianist’s routine. Pianists consistently procrastinated, and that was good. Every now and then a pianist or...
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