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  • Are you In need of a fresh set of ears to thoroughly review your piano playing?
  • Would you like to improve your audition chances?
  • Are you in need of advice on which should be your next pianistic steps?

Whatever your music needs are, this service is for all! From amateur to conservatoire level pianists and beyond. I have been giving advice to pianists of all walks of life through this website for more than eight years. Some of them went on to achieve great things with their piano.

What will you get?

You will receive a critique, covering the following aspects:


– Stating your individual technical strengths and how to use them to further enhance your piece(s)

– How to stop revealing your technical weaknesses

– The steps you need to follow to improve your general technique

– Specific suggestions on critical bars to improve your piece

– Elicitation from your playing of possible other technical and incidental facts that hinder you from excelling

– Suggested Future Repertoire



Send an up to five min Recording




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Physical Copy: Scenes From A Child’s Mind delivered to your door (27,95 if bought separately)


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COMPLETE BUNDLE: All of our works: Professionally printed copy of Scenes From A Child’s Mind delivered to your door (27,95 if bought separately) + ALL our digital works (in PDF form)
FREE:  One (1) monthly practising-plan on your performed piece(s), based on my method of optimal time dedication


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Attention: The days remaining for the e-mailling of your critique to you, start with the receipt of your performance by us; It does not start with the receipt of your payment. 


You will receive your critique in PDF format within seven (7) days from the receipt of your performance. We will send your critique on the Email address that you have provided when you made your purchase.

Depending on your chosen package, you will receive the One (1) monthly practising-plan by Email on the same day with your critique, and the copy of Scenes From A Child’s Mind on the physical address that you have provided when you made your purchase. The time for the receipt of the book can vary depending on postal services and location of your specified physical address. 


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An interpretation of an articulation on the piano is only as good as the successful interpretation of both its preceding and succeeding passages. To explain this in a more simplified setting, it’s like when you aim to do, say, a successful pianissimo; to do that, you...

Real Dynamics in Music

p - f - ppp - mp - pf - fff - ffff - fp - pp - mf - ppp...  … and the list goes on… and on…   REALLY??? Are you really telling me that a pianist could implement all those nonsensical dynamics on a piece of music? And, in our case, a pianist can differentiate...

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